About Us

Safety Lamp of Houston dates back to early 1971 when Tom Fallon received a letter from Ms Monica Maurice of Wolf Safety Lamp Company, LTD of Sheffield England, a longtime friend. They both shared their love of safety and mining. The letter was delayed 6 months due to a British postal strike, but, became the driving factor for the creation of Safety Lamp of Houston, as a distributor for Wolf Safety Lamp Company, LTD.

During the same period, Wolf’s “Airturbo” compressed air driven light had been re-designed to use a 55W tungsten halogen bulb which offered 2-3 times the output of the previous incandescent bulbs. This proved to be the fuel Mr. Fallon needed to push a new intrinsically safe light for hazardous environments.

As Wolf’s product line grew so did Safety Lamp’s. New Turbolites, hand lamps, torches, and work lights, all intrinsically safe, were introduced throughout the next several years. As Wolf grew, so did Safety Lamp of Houston, eventually becoming one of Wolf’s top distributors.

As time passed, the second and third generation of family had begun working at Wolf and products continued to be on the cutting edge of safety lighting. Safety Lamp’s second generation had also started learning the “family” business about 1987 when Deborah Reeves, Tom Fallon’s daughter, began working at Safety Lamp.

Deborah, after a few years, had become known as the “Wolf” lady with all the ship chandlers in the US. She handled the office, some inside sales, and her biggest test to-date was to assemble an airturbo light from parts before her trip to England to meet Wolf face to face. She studied with Tom while he repaired rental lights and passed with flying colors.

In 1992 Deborah married Jim Reeves who also became part of the “family” business when needed at trade shows and other company related functions, while also having a management role in logistics with one of the large logistics companies in the US. He won several Customer Service and Logistics Supplier of the Year awards during his tenure in logistics.

By the year 2000, Wolf was in heavy development of product updates to meet the demanding ATEX certifications deadline coming in the EU in 2003. They produced several new products including new torches, hand lamps, headlamps and worklites that met the new ATEX approvals well before the deadline. That meant more new products for Safety Lamp as well! A new ATEX/FM certified Turbolite with US approvals was one of the new products which caught onto the US oil and gas markets quickly.

By the end of 2006 Jim had begun working full time with Safety Lamp taking on the operational and sales duties. Repairs to the airlamps, still belonged to Tom Fallon, he insisted. After repairing them for 35 years, who else would repair them as well as he did? He was a wonderful teacher and Jim became the consummate student of the airlamp. Observing the progression from the early brass 6V-12V airturbo lamps to the newer 24V turbolamps to the next generation stronger aluminum alloy ATEX Turbolites, the growth was obvious. Before long Jim had a good idea of what was wrong with an airlamp just from listening from his office.

2007 saw the appointment of Deborah Reeves to the President’s position of Safety Lamp of Houston. Her 20 some years of service to Safety Lamp made her the obvious choice for the future. With the long relationship with Wolf, they accepted her with open arms.

In 2008 Wolf had come out with temporary “corded” electric fluorescent safety lights. The world of the air light without an electric cord Tom had sold for 37 years was jolted by a light with an electric cord! Tom had spent years proclaiming “no electric cords are needed for the airlamps, they run on compressed air”.

Soon to follow were LED floodlights and temporary lights in an assortment of voltages with transformers to match, which could be combined into tank lighting kits with 4 assorted lights and one transformer. Tom had seen the cheap string lights which only lasted a job or two but, these Wolf lights were different! Large shielded cables, polymer housings with bump rings, assorted mounting brackets, and stainless steel frames, these were not string lights, these were developed for harsh, nasty environments. Tom was shaken to the core, but, this change was progress!

Late in 2011 Tom Fallon passed away quietly at home at age 89. For 40 years, he came to work every day to make sure his vision was a success; it was his passion! He had accomplished many things in life but, Safety Lamp was his favorite.

Since 2011, committed to carrying on Tom’s vision and passion, Deborah and Jim Reeves are the next generation to make Safety Lamp a success for many more years to come. They have assembled a great team to provide same day service of in stock items and excellent customer service. Safety Lamp of Houston can provide specialized safe lighting solutions for any environment.