About Us

Since 1971 Safety Lamp of Houston has been Wolf Safety Lamp Company’s distributor of hazardous area lighting. We started as a small family-owned business by Tom Fallon some 50 years ago, and growing through two generations, we continue the Wolf tradition of continually growing with new and improved intrinsically safe lighting. Safety Lamp continued its growth from the early handlamps and torches to the 6–12-volt pneumatic lamps, which have evolved into LED handlamps, LED torches (battery and rechargeable), rechargeable work lights, 24-volt lightweight pneumatic lamps, temporary electric lights (flood and linear), tank lighting kits with transformers, splitter boxes, cable reels and fixed lighting all for hazardous areas. This standard of excellence has brought us to the future of today.

Today, we provide complete offshore safety solutions to the energy sector; Oil & Gas, Wind, and Solar. SLH Safety Solutions offer Hazardous Area/Marine lighting on Bridges, Ports, and Harbors, along with Portable Lighting, Fixed Lighting, Safety Netting, Barriers, and Fire Suppression. In addition, we are subject matter Experts in Marine, Offshore Aviation, Explosion-proof Cameras and Offshore firefighting systems.