TURBOLITE Ex certificate
  • 250 Watt Halogen Ultimate Output
  • Electronic Setting Device
  • Generator Overspeed Protector
  • Advanced Internal Topology Rotor Design
  • Spark Free Brass Casings
  • International Market Leaders
  • Full Accessory Range Available

Leaflet – Turbolite Brochure
Turbolite Instructional Manual
Certificate – EX Certificate


The Turbolite is a high powered compressed air driven lamp developed from the well known Wolf Airturbo and is certified for use in Zones 1 and 2 hazardous areas, commonly used in the oil and petrochemicals industries, for tank cleaning and pipeline inspections, offering a safer alternative to low voltage lighting in dangerously wet conditions as well as where flammable gases and vapours can accumulate in confined spaces.

The Turbolite A-TL44 has a Bay Light fitting comprising a ball glass and protective polycarbonate dome to provide all-round general purpose illumination and a hook provides for suspension of the lamp in the working area or for simple fastening to a folding tripod. The Turbolite A-TL45 has a reflector head fitting for direct illumination with a polished or matt reflector giving the option of a concentrated narrow beam or diffused wide angle illumination.

The housings are cast brass, a spark free material, and the safety hook is also brass, but forged for extra strength and all external parts are nickel plated. Internal components are of durable design making the products suitable for use in the harshest industrial environments. A clean dry air supply is a condition of certification and essential for the efficient running of these lamps, otherwise contamination will deposit into the inside of the lens, reducing illumination levels. Suitable air-line filters can be supplied. Another mandatory requirement is the use of anti-static hose, to prevent the generation of unsafe levels of static electricity.

The 24 volt 250 watt tungsten halogen bulb is available in two types offering a choice of 6,000 lumens for 2,000 hours or 9,000 lumens for 200 hours. Lamps are routinely run in, tested and set to the necessary output prior to despatch and are simple and easy to maintain.

Technical Specifications
Light Output
Turbolite Light Output

Product Dimensions
Turbolite Product Dimensions

A-TL44 – Ball Glass
250w with ball glass for all round illumination
Peak luminous intensity at 2.5m radius 70lux

A-TL45 – Polished Reflector
Spot beam (approx 10°)
Peak luminous intensity at 5m 2000lux

A-TL45 – Matt Reflector
Flood beam (approx 25°)
Peak luminous intensity at 5m 950lux

Product Reference  A-TL44 A-TL45
Product Description  Safety Bay Light Compressed Air Powered Safety Flood Light
Compressed Air Powered
Code  Ex s II T4
Apparatus Standards  SFA 3009:1972
Type of Protection  “s” special protection
Area of Classification (Gas)  Zones 1 and 2, Gas Groups IIA, IIB, IIC
Temp. Classification  T4
Ambient Temperature  -20°C to +40°C
Certificate  BASEEFA Ex 78209X*
Enclosure  Nickel Plated Brass and Gun Metal
Lens  Ball Glass/Polycarbonate Dome Toughened Glass (15mm)
Beam Type  All-around 360° Illumination Flood (Matt Reflector) (as standard)
or Spot (Polished Reflector) (to order)
Light Source: Part No.  A-129
(as std)
(as alt)
(as std)
(as alt)
Type Tungsten Halogen Filled Filament Bulb
Volts 24v
Watts 250w
Output 6000 lm 9000 lm 6000 lm 9000 lm
Life 2000 hrs 200 hrs 2000 hrs 200 hrs
Power Source: Type Compressed Air Driven Turbo-alternator
Air Pressure 4.0-8.0 bar
Consumption 0.75m3/min
Ingress Protection  Once pressurised may be used underwater
Weight  7.9kg 12.2kg
*Special certification conditions  A clean dry air supply must be used. Supply hose must be anti-static.
The Airturbo and Turbolite lighting systems are very flexible and can be adapted to all sorts of confined space applications varying from huge storage tanks to small sewers.

The Lamps can be suspended from bracing or spars, sited on platforms or mounted on tripod stands to illuminate the entry and working area as effectively as possible.

As previously emphasised, there are two important conditions of Certification which must be observed in any installation:

1. The supply hose must be of an Approved Anti-Static Type such that the electrical resistance between couplings must be within the limits of 104ohms (Min.) and 108ohms (Max.)

2. The compressed air supply should be clean, dry and uncontaminated.

Folding Tripod Stand A-300
This very strong and convenient tripod stand is available for mounting airlamps in such a way that illumination can be angled in most directions. The lamp can be clamped to the tripod head without the need of any tools. When not in use the tripod can be folded away for easy storage.

Anti-Static Compressed Air Hose (A-179 and A-180)
This special 12mm bore single braid hose is manufactured from an anti-static compound and is available in 18.3 metre (A-179) or 36.6 metre (A-180) lengths. Stainless Steel Hose Clips are provided but air line couplings are not for reasons of possible incompatibility.

Air Line Filters
A simple automatic drain airline filter (A-184) can be supplied, but where there are major difficulties in achieving the air quality required an ultra high efficiency filter system (A-186) is recommended, and, as with the simple filter, has the throughput capacity sufficient to power either two Turbolites or six Airturbo Lamps.

Tools and Spares
All of these items are available off the shelf and in special circumstances can be express shipped the same day in order to meet an urgent demand.

The company offers a repair and refurbishment service for all its compressed air safety lamp products with the aim of completing these tasks within 7 days of receiving confirmation instructions. Repair instructions and procedures are written in accordance with ISO 9000 Standards.